How to control Log file automatically

Dear All,

Does anyone know how can be rotate or automatically breakup and delete x days older log files.

also, does not appear to rotate ever, as mine has grown to 1 GB.



Thanks in advance.




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  • What is your teamsite version and which specific log are you talking about ?


    In TeamSite 7.2.1, you can configure the log rotation in the Administration tab. Or you can even configure the log rotation using log4j.


    If you have other logs to rotoate or split, you can script it and schedule it on cron.

  • Hi Reji ,

    Thnz for ur reply


    version  -- 7.4.1

      All logs

     can you send me any sample script for rotoate or split.

  • This is something which we have scheuled to run every week. You can modify according to your needs :


    • stop teamsite with what ever script you have
    • customize this command and use : find /interwoven/log/folder/ -type f -name "*.log" -mtime +7 | xargs  [rm -rf or compress Or zip Or gzip }
    • you can include the split command like split -b 5m
    • start teamsite



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