Merging Content Stores

We are currently running with 3 content stores and want to consolidate each of these content stores to brances under one content store i.e.










X /A




where X is the content store.


Can it be done and all of the version history be available?

I can't find anything about merging content stores in the documentation. Can anyone point me to where I can find about doing this?




  • If you're talking about TeamSite - then the command you want to use is iwmigrate (which is documented in the command-line tool [CLT] manual and in numerous KB articles on the Support site).


    Please note, however, that the branch names within the stores stay the same - e.g.: /X/main/foo, if migrated to the default store, will become /default/main/foo (i.e.: you cannot change the name or store-relative-path of the branch during the migration) - so if you have two (or more) branches with the same store-relative-path and name in two different stores and try to migrate them into a single store, the results are likely to be less than desirable.  Better, in such cases, to rename the branch(es) in one of the stores before doing the migration.

  • To add on to Ghoti's reply, I hope your workflows and deployments are written correctly and in a VPATH independent manner.  I see way too many locations hard code the VPATH rather than take it from the system. This will cause your deployments/workflows to break. 


    So what is the reasoning behind combining the stores?  Unless 3 are very small, I would think having mulitple is better (that is if you were licensed for mulitple stores).

  • We were licenced for multiple stores in TeamSite 7.1 but HP have limited us to just 1 for our new installation of TeamSite 8.1 and we are just exploring options.


    I thought that iwmigrate was for moving content stores from one server to another.


    Thank you, I will read the documentation more thoroughlySmiley Very Happy



  • If you upgraded from 7.1 to 8.1 on the same server, then your licensing should still be valid.  


    Yea  iwmigrate is really to split (or merge) stores.  Very useful in moving to other servers.  But will do what you need too 

  • Hi,


    Thanks for your responses, I tried this: 


    iwmigrate -g -m Y:\[Source content store] -b /x/main -o D:\iw-store\default\x > D:\Temp\iwmig.log 2>&1


    I get this in the log file:


    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] PUBLISHED WORKAREA TO EDITION INITIAL.iwconvert
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Replay of edition INITIAL.iwconvert complete
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Done with replay of editions
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Edition replay complete for INITIAL.iwconvert to INITIAL.iwconvert
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Converting branch /x/main/External_Content/DPP
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Error, FindEditionByID failed on branch /x/main/External_Content/DPP
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Edition replay failed
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] err = 2008
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Error, convert of branch /x/main/External_Content/DPP had errors
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016]
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Total files/directories/symlinks copied: 0
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016]
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Total bytes of data copied: 0
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016]
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Total EA's copied: 0
    [Tue Apr 05 14:37:45 2016] Shutting down backing store environment...


    Do you know where I can find out what these errors are ?

    What does FindEditionByID failed on branch mean ?


    Any advice will be much appreciated.

  • Anytime you're dealing with issues with the content store - the best suggestion is to contact Support.

    There are a number of us here who could provide suggestions, answers, etc., but as the content store is the heart of the system that you / your organization has spent a considerable amount of $$$'s on - you're best off getting the vendor involved in resolving any issues with it.


    In addition to what Ghoti posted,  you can use debugging with iwmigrate


    iwmigrate -x -x -x 


    Each -x increases verbosity to a max of 3

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