Dynamically show/hide sections of DCT?

Is it possible to have 1 checkbox to show and another to hide a section of a dct so a user can expand, fill out, then hide a container? any code would be great!

im currently able to expand a hidden section, but i cant figure out how to re-hide it.

thanks in advance!


  • How are you attempting to do this (FormAPI or some other method). If you are using FormAPI, look at the position userscript example.

    (sorry if this does not help, but you didn't provide much information, like what version of TS, what OS, what clients, etc).
  • sorry...im using the FORMAPI w/ TS 5.5.2

    after i set the container's visibility to false, here is a code snippet i use to expand it:

    IWEventRegistry.addItemHandler("/hide", "onItemChange", do_hide);

    function do_hide(item){
    var i = IWDatacapture.getItem("/Metadata/");
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