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I have a report in which I want to investigate the time spent doing specific operations, to see if there is room for improvement for performance.

I want to put timings, in and around the data set, open/fetch/close. What is the best approach to add timed debug output statemetns for these methods?
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    You have a couple different options that I can think of.

    Using the BIRT Viewer set the logging level to a lower level than Warning. If you are previewing this using the web viewer inside the designer, you can set this in plugins/org.eclipse.birt.report.viewer_/birt/WEB-INF/web.xml and set the BIRT_VIEWER_LOG_LEVEL. Obviously setting to Finest will get you the most information. If you using the report engine API instead of the viewer, you can also set the logging level on engine by calling teh changeLogLeve(Level newLevel) method.

    Using either script events or Java events, you can implement logging. There is an example of this posted at http://wiki.eclipse.org/Logging_The_Events_-_Show_the_Typical_Log_Stack_%28BIRT%29

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