Some general Questions about Designing Reports in own Apps

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Hi Forum ,

i have a newbequestion, i hope that im right here, i'll describe the workflow here :

I want to use the bird-functions in my own java application. workers in my company want to modfiy existing reports. but i fear to give them the full wysiwyg-editor with eclipse b/c there are a lot to much functions for them.
a good solution for me would be the following:

i design a report and choose the data sources ( the source may be a SAP output or a database SQL Statement ). in the report the choosen datasources should be named like fiield1 to field30.
the workers now can open my java app wich starts the function reduced editor , so they can place the data fields to other places or they can change the layout and design ( all the static parts ). after saving thay can depoly the new report to the server wich will generate the new series of documents in future.
the server will be another java programm where i include the birt data report engine.

is such a workflow possible ? thanks a lot for answers...




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    What you described is possible and can be done, however that functionality has already been built for you using an online tool (zero install) and is completely server based.

    Actuate calls this tool iPortal with BusinessReports Studio and Interactive Viewer. This brings up the classic build vs buy argument, and you will need to determine, if the effort and costs to build, maintain and support the application outweighs the cost of buying the product already built from Actuate. The Actuate based product provides extra functionality to enable sharing of documents, and allows for easy upgrade to the more scalable iServer based solutions, should your user needs grow in the future.

    Please go to the Products and Downloads section of to see more about BusinessReports Studio, and Interactive Viewer.
    BIRT Rocks!
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