Customizing iPortal parameters

SAmbekarSAmbekar Junior Member
In my application, there is a need to customize the iPortal parameters page.

For eg: I want to have various parameters in form of check boxes. If the check box is selected, that parameter should be passed to the report otherwise not. For this I will need to customize the iPortal parameters page.
Is it possible to do that?


  • VirgilVirgil Administrator EM admin
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    Hi SAmbekar,

    Yes, you can create custom parameter pages for the iPortal. There are 3 different approaches you can take.

    1) Create your own JSP page that does what ever you need and this page constructs the correct URL needed to generate the BIRT report through the iPortal.

    2) Modify the existing requester pages that ship with the iPortal. (Ideal for a global change to all pages)

    3) Create a new requester page and Action class. (Ideal if you want to change the way the iPortal decides how to generate parameter pages...and you know Struts)

    You can read more in the Customizing iPortal doc (starting on page 72) located at

    Virgil Dodson
    OpenText Analytics Developer Community

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