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I have a problem in a report that contains one column with links to sub-reports.
when I want to export to xls , I got a popup error message from Microsoft XL with the following message:

XML Spreadsheet Warning in Table
REASON: String too long

it seems that the string of the url of the link is too large for xl.
I had tried one solution but unfortunatley it dosen't work,it consists on hiding this colun in xls formt and showing it in html format and replacing it in xls by a new column containning the same data but without the links.

any inout or idea would be very helpfull.


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    Hi amezzi,

    What version of BIRT are you using? I tried the same thing with BIRT 2.2 (hiding field with hyperlink for XLS, and hiding plain text field for rest of formats). All the formats worked correctly except for XLS which never showed the field at all.

    I tried this again with BIRT 2.2.1 and could see the correct field in XLS.


    Virgil Dodson
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