Images in HTML - how to set base path with PDF & Word Emitters?

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We are using BIRT reports to display HTML text stored in a database field and rendered on reports with the dynamic text control. The HTML includes img tags.

We are able to render images referenced in the HTML data only if we store the full path within the HTML content with the PDF and Word emitter. This is problematic as users often move from one server to another and the images no longer have the correct URL.

I haven't found a way to set the base bath for links rendered from HTML data in the PDF or Word emitter. HTML output works fine with relative paths.

Any suggestions?


  • VirgilVirgil Administrator EM admin
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    Hi eric,

    I don't that there will be a built-in way to set a base image path for images in HTML coming from the database. Having said that, maybe your report can be configured to add the base path. I don't know how the images are stored in the HTML, but maybe its possible to prepend the base URL with a javascript statement that looks for the image pattern... then you could pass the base URL in as a parameter.

    Virgil Dodson
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