HTML output of my report

ChrisChris Junior Member
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I have a requirement where the report is emailed to the clients (HTML export).

When i try to run the report and view it as HTML, it shows up fine but when i take the printout it prints like crazy bits and pieces. PDF format output on the otherhand is fine and prints out good for the same report.

can somebody help me with the HTML export.

Thanks in advance....


  • hewbhewb Junior Member
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    BIRT html output is not designed for printing because in most cases the html output is using auto layout which depends on the browser to actually layout content. When the auto layout content is sent to printer, the printed output won't look as expected.

    You mentioned that your project requirement is to email the report output. Can the PDF output be used instead. Actually the Actuate iServer uses PDF as the email notification attachment format.

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