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My report contains 2 master pages, one for landscape and one for portrait.
Using the page break on the tables I've set the portrait masterpage for the first table and the landscape masterpage for the second table. This works flawlessly in the local report viewer.

But when i use the web viewer(deployed in tomcat) suddenly de transition from portrait to landscape happens on the wrong page, somewhere halfway the first table.
Birt version(both local as on the server) is
According to the manual the itext jar is used for pdf generation. Both on the server as local version 1.5.2 is used. (itext-1.5.2.jar).

Any ideas what could be causing this difference?


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    funny thing is that the reports that have multiple masterpages(both for landscape as portrait) cause these errors in the server logs:
    21-jan-2008 16:59:17 doExecuteQuery
    SEVERE: Can't load the report query

    Again, in the local report designer these errors don't occur.
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