Action on click and double click?

mennovhmennovh Junior Member
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When adding interactivity to a chart Birt allows you to define actions for a mouse click and a double click. I have setup different hyperlinks for the 'click' and 'double click'. However when I view the report only the 'click' hyperlink' works. The 'double click' isn't recognised it just goes to the 'click' hyperlink.

Any idea's on why I cannot get different hyperlinks for 'click' or 'double click' to work?


  • VirgilVirgil Administrator EM admin
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    Hi mennovh,

    What output format have you chosen for your chart type. I believe the double-click only works for SVG and on certain browsers. If you use SVG, make sure you have enabled it at Window | Preferences | Report Design | Preview.

    There is more information on chart interactivity and how they respond for different output types available in the release specs at:

    Virgil Dodson
    OpenText Analytics Developer Community

  • mennovhmennovh Junior Member
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    Thanks for the suggestion but altering the output to SVG hasn't helped. It still only responds to the single click. As soon as I remove the interactivity that I have setup on single click the double click interactivity does work.

    Also using SVG isn't an option ad IE doesn't support SVG.
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