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Hi all !

I'm having an issue with titles being truncated in charts.
My default english title is fine but when changing the locale (let say, user wants the report in spanish) then, as the string is longer than the english one, the title is truncated.
I've been locking for some solution but the only one I came with was to reduce the size of the font ...

Looks like a bug as image size should depends on both the graph and title size ?
Any idea how to fix this without changing the font size ? I've been looking for some "fit to box" check boxes with no luck ...


  • VirgilVirgil Administrator EM admin
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    Hi jdelgoulet,

    What version of BIRT are you using? In a test I've just done with BIRT 2.2, the chart text automatically adjusts to the longer description. Instead of setting a font size for the chart title, I left the default of Auto.

    Virgil Dodson
    OpenText Analytics Developer Community

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