how do I edit a Shared Library ?

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I want to use BIRT in our team and created a library in my private workspace, then putting it into a public resource folder with "Place library in Resource folder".

After that I removed the lib from my workspace.

Now I can see the shared lib in the Library Explorer and use it in reports, but I can't edit the lib stuff anymore...

What is the right way to create and maintain a shared library ?

Do I have to keep the master in my workspace and deploy it to the resource folder after every change ? Can't believe this as perhaps two individuals need to change a lib.



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    Hi Peter,

    Yes, you would generally keep the original library file with the project, or you could have another project with all your shared things like libraries or templates you create. As for multiple people updating the same file, Eclipse supports this with code repositories like CVS or Subversion where you checkin/checkout files.

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    You should also be able to import the library file back in a project for further editing. One you are done you can place it back in resources folder. It would not make much sense to edit the library directly in the resources folder.



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  • c031917c031917 Junior Member
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    Hi Virgil, Hi Ashwini,

    both inputs are valuable for me:

    By re-importing the lib via "import/general/filesystem" into my project I can make changes again.

    Concentrating shared stuff into a separate project with a repository behind it looks like the right way to do BIRT in a professional way. I'll try it.


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