BIRT does not show Japanese characters!!!

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Hi All!

I have created a report in BIRT using the Japanese database. Now, the problem is when I view the report it shows all the Japanese characters in HTML & XLS viewer, but those characters are not shown in PDF, DOC & PPT viewer.

When I open the already stored Japanese reports in PDF, they show all the Japanese characters, so what is this problem? I want to solve this problem because in future I am also going to use Chinese database.

Please help! Thanks in advance.



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    Hi Dhaval:
    You may define the default configuration file for pdf format (fontsConfig_pdf.xml) in font plug-in folder: "".

    PDF emitter loads the font files from the fonts folder of the plug-in and then the system defined font folder. If the section is set in fontsConfig.xml, the system defined font folder will be ignored, and the font files specified in section font-paths> will be loaded instead.



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