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Ever since upgrading the report desginer to 2.2.2. i'm having te following problem with exports to PDF:

I have a landscape, a4, report with one table.

This table has width set to 100%. So i want it to use the full page.

This worked fine in As of 2.2.2 it suddenly utilizes the "page break interval". The default page break interval is 50. Then it always puts 50 lines on the report and then it shrinks my page to fit the 50 lines on it. This means that the whole right side of the page isn't used.

it kinda looks like the problem described in: no problem

2.2.2: problem as described

2.3M5: problem as described


  • omniusomnius Junior Member
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  • omniusomnius Junior Member
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    In that topic there is mentioned that dynamic page breaks are no longer supported.
    But i can't find anything on the BIRT site about that. Can anyone confirm this? And can anyone tell me why they changed it?
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    We faced the same problem and found a quick hack to fix the page break pagination by patching a piece of 2.2.2 code with version:

    1. In class
    Method: private PDFRenderOption createPDFRenderOption(...)
    Change: // pagebreak pagination only setting
    renderOption.setOption( PDFRenderOption.PAGEBREAK_PAGINATION_ONLY,
    new Boolean( ParameterAccessor.isPagebreakOnly( request ) ) ); // code from - line 590
    // Boolean.TRUE );

    Recompile this class and replace it in birt/WEB-INF/lib/viewservlets.jar

    2. Add HTTP parameter to BIRT report URL: "&__pagebreakonly=false"

    These will force paper size pagination to work and will avoid hard coded page break interval pagination. You can have "Page Break Interval" set to 0 now.

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