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In BIRT Report Designer I curretly have a scripted dataset with a Java event handler. This event handler connects succesfully to an EJB remote service to get the data. What I need to add for the initial connection is to pop up a dialog box to get the user to enter their authentication details.

Having only tinkerred briefly with Eclipse and BIRT I am unsure of the best approach to achieve this. Is there a BIRT extension point I should use to create a plugin that I can access from the event handler or should I create the dialog box in the event handler or something else.

If any BIRT guru can give me a a starter on the best approach it would be gratefully appreciated.



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    You could create a new report parameters for authentication details and access these parameter in the script like: params["username"]



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    Thank you for the suggestion which would work well for a few reports. However, the user will be designing many hundreds of reports and I don't want to have the parameter on every report.

    The event handler is generic to all the reports and to make the user experience elegant I want them to log in once and then use the credentials as long as the report designer is open. My initial ideas where that I would check for the existence of a credential object on ThreadLocal. If it does not exist then the login dialog would appear, authenticate the user and save the credentials. If it did then we would use the existing values.

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