funny characters

we are having a problem with metatagger. we have some wors that have an apostrophe in them, for example

Children's Benefits

And we also have a french vocabulary with words like


What is happening is when the user searches for a term from the MetaTagger GUI (datacapture.cfg) and select Add, the terms get added, but the apostrophe get scaped out.

So Children's Benefits now looks like Children\'s Benefits and d'emploi looks like d\'emploi

Do anyone have any ideas on this one?


Lucas Cochrane
[email protected]


  • Thanks for reporting this -- This is definitely a bug. We have a preliminary fix and it should be available as a patch soon. Just to confirm, I assume that you are on MetaTagger 3.1 / TS5.5.2, correct?
  • Yes, our platform is TS 5.5.2/MT 3.1.0 on Windows 2000. How soon can we have the preliminary fix for this? We are desperate to fix this.

    Please advise.


    Lucas Cochrane
    [email protected]
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