Java Callout & Server Security

I have a situation where a developer has developed a java call out for use in the java templating client. The callout should run a server side class that allows the user to browse thumbnail images etc of the teamsite repository. However when the class is invoked, the RMI security manager throws exceptions. The barrier seems to be the RMI security manager running on the TeamSite server. Access to the required OpenAPI services before the real work begins takes very much longer (minutes rather than seconds, making it impractical.

Does anyone have any experience of similar problems and how we can rectify this ?


- mark


  • Yeah, I tried this about a year ago and asked for Interwoven to shed some light on that bit of code and they told be it was proprietary and couldn't be shared.

    That's ok though, because you should get the **** of Java temlpating as soon as possible --- support for it is being discontinued.

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