Inline Callouts in Metadata datacapture.cfg

I am using TeamSite 5.0, and am looking at configuring the metadata DCT. According to the TS 5.0 developer guide, the metadata DCT DTD does not show callout or inline callout elements as part of the schema. Is it possible to use these (I am more interested in the inline callouts). The example datacapture.cfg does chow the use of a cgi calout, but not an example of an inline callout. I'm confused b/c I don't know which section of the documentation to believe (becuase one uses "inline" in the example, but the DTD does not show it as a valid element).

If templating is installed is the same functionality (i.e., "inline" callouts) available on the metadata capture template as on any other DCT?

Please help,


  • I don't believe that inline or callouts are available in the default metadatacapture gui. I do think I remember hearing from somewhere however that the metatagger metadatacapture gui did allow for inlines/callouts (though I am not 100% sure of this). Maybe someone else knows.
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