Publish Edition using OpenAPI?

Is it possible to publish an Edition using the OpenAPI? If so, how? I couldn't find anything in the documentation, but maybe I'm just missing it.

Thanks in advance!


  • In the javadocs I'm looking at there's this:

    public IWEdition publishEdition(IWFileSysService service,
    java.lang.String editionName,
    IWTrusteeGroup editionGroup,
    java.lang.Object editionPolicyMap,
    java.lang.String editionDescription)
    throws IWServiceManagedObject.AlreadyExistsException,

    Publish a new edition of this staging area.

    service - The file system service.
    editionName - The new edition's name.
    editionGroup - The new edition's group. If null, use the context accessor's default group.
    editionPolicyMap - The new edition's policy map. Maps IWOS.Kind Integers onto IWPolicys.
    May be null. (Collection: Map)
    editionDescription - The new edition's description, or null if none.
    The new edition or null if there were no changes since the last publish.

    (Interwoven Senior Technical Consultant)
  • That's probably exactly what I was not finding. I'll give it a try. Thanks!
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