Schedule Open Deploy using OpenAPI?

Can you schedule an OpenDeploy script with OpenAPI and if not are there plans to offer this feature? I am currently initiating a Workflow with OpenAPI that invokes a CGI (iwodstart.ipl) to schedule a deployment. I would prefer to directly schedule OpenDeploy with OpenAPI if possible.




  • At this point in time, OpenDeploy does not have any public OpenAPI interface. This is being investigated and hopefully will be available in the future (i.e. there is no estimated time for when it will be available yet).

    I cannot find an open request for this in our system right now (doesn't mean it's not there, but ...) - I suggest you contact Interwoven Support and ask them to add you to an existing request if they can find it, or create a new request for you so that it can be tracked.

    (Interwoven Senior Technical Consultant)
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