Getting past a "(" in multi-select parameters?

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I have a set of multi-select paremeters, working fine within the report implemented to modify the where clause dynamically. Some of the multi-select data values contain “(“ and “)”. These work fine within the report to re-query and show a filtered data set to the report.

However, I am also using these parameters when I call a report that has the same set of parameters. These seem to be causing a problem when I pass the values to the receiving report.

For example, if I pass a list of parameters using;
might pass something like:
to the receiving report and all will be fine. However, if the selection contains a value having a parenthesis I will have a problem. For example;
Cars,Planes,Boats (Personal), Boats (Commercial)
The thing will pass something like;
Cars, Planes, Boats … stopping at the '(' and that’s all.
Because of this, the query will not contain all the correct values. I’ve attempted some work with the split() function and an array… but I am not able to make that work.

Does anyone have any ideas how to handle this kind of data / parameter issue?




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    Hi RG,

    You may try something like the following to loop through and check for the left parenthesis:

    while (param["myParameter"].match("(") != null){

    Then, also do the same for the right ones. I have not tried this, but I would guess it should work. Let me know.


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