Unable to process PDF files

Hi there,

I just installed MetaTagger and MetaTagger Studio 3.5 on a Win2K machine. I organized files into a directory structure to use as a basis for a new classification taxonomy in MetaTagger. After MetaTagger studio completed its vocabulary creation, I browsed the taxonomy and noticed that none of my PDF files were used as files for the training sets. Using MetaTagger Studio, I then tried to add a PDF file to a node as a training file, and I received this error:

[MT Studio Server] Failed to invoke converter for input file type 'PDF Document'. Internal error. [DFutRuntime.cpp,170]; Access is denied.

I have verfied the following:
1. The MetaTagger.cfg file does contain the file type for PDF
2. The PDF is accessible on the windows file system and is not marked read only
3. The scripts for the processor are available and are readable
4. The PDF file itself does have security on it to not allow people to edit or modify the contents of the pdf file.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix my issue? Thanks so much!



  • To process PDF files, MetaTagger and MT Studio invokes an executable called "iwmtconverter.exe" which is located in <iw-home>/metatagger/conf/thirdparty. Make sure that directory and the <iw-home>/metatagger/conf/thirdparty/charsets directory are in the system path and that everyone has permissions to execute. You can try running iwmtconverter.exe by hand on the PDF to see if that part is working OK.
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