Not Sharing alias name information

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I am using Birt(2.6.0). And, I have developed my own ODA same as CSV ODA available in birt site. When i tried Joint dataset feature, My report generation failed with "column binding" exception. But after removing Joint dataset, report generation is successful.

When i investigated more on this exception, i found this.

Let say, My Joint dataset tag looks like this,

<list-property name="columnHints">
<property name="columnName">Dataset1::column1</property>
<property name="alias">column1</property>
<text-property name="displayName">Dataset1::column1</text-property>
<property name="columnName">Dataset2::column2</property>
<property name="alias">column2</property>
<text-property name="displayName">Dataset2::column2</text-property>

In method in turn calls populateValidDataSetColumnNameSet() method.

In populateValidDataSetColumnNameSet() method, both valid column name and alias name will be populated.

In my case, it is populating only the column name ie {"Dataset1::column1","Dataset2::column2"}.

I dont know why this line no 381 in ( this.odiResult.getResultClass( ).getFieldAlias( i ) ) is not returning my alais names.

Do i need to make some changes to my custom oda to send alias name?



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    @All -

    I need a solution for the above issue ASAP. Any help here is highly appreciated.

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