Birt Excel and PDF format limitation

Hi Everyone,

I am using Birt(2.6.0). Actually my report output contains 14,50,000 rows and 70 columns. And, I have designed a custom Birt template which has 4 hidden table and 1 table being displayed consisting of 70 columns. And 9 charts formed based on the reported data.

With this criteria when I run a Birt report in Excel format, the report execution is successful and while trying to open the Excel output file, it says that the excel file is corrupted.

So I tried generating in PDF format, this time also report execution is successful. When I opened the output file, it doesn't have any data. It just has the skeleton of the template.

With the lesser population, the generated output files and results are proper in both the formats.

Could you please let me know whether the Birt has any limitation on the number of rows that report can hold?

Could someone please help me with this problem.

Thanks In Advance,


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