Error when viewing report in Websphere Application Server 8.0

I am trying to run a simple report built using BIRT 3.7.2 inside the IBM websphere application server 8.0 but it error out.


I developed my simple report in Rational Application Development tool (which run on eclipse), and I setup my AS400 database connection inside the IDE.  I can run the preview from inside the IDE and I can see data in the report set.  But when I deployed it to the application server it error out with message: Table(id=163).  Can not load the report query:163.  Errors occurred when generating the report document for the report element with ID 163.


Attached is my XML Source.


Does anyone has similar experience running report in WAS8.0?

How do I solve this issue? Appreciate for all your input


  • That is because Maximo does not have the JDBC driver for AS/400. You will have to ask IBM to deploy JDBC drivers to Maximo. I have not seen conclusive evidence that this is possible.

  • I am looking for users that have successfully deployed to ibm as400 System i. I am have problems with displaying a chart, pie chart.

  • Could you please provide more details:

    Can you preview the data in a data set in BIRT?
    Can you run the report and display the data in a table?
    Can you get a chart to work on a report using a different data source, i.e. the Classic Models database that comes with BIRT?

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • Hello,

    With the exception of displaying charts, pie charts and other graphs, all of BIRT works just fine with AS400 (System i).

    Can you preview data - YES
    Can you runn report - YES
    Can you get chart to work on .. different data source - YES. I use tables coming from the System i or Excel.

    The JDCS driver is complicated, but since I have IBM product RDi (Eclipse - Text editor for programming System i), I used that JT400 jar.
    There are other JT400 jars on System i. The server side implementation was done with Websphere Light (Can not access machine this minute, so I don't remember name. It is the version of Websphere that you do not have to pay for).

  • Hello again,

    Just to clarify. If I don't publish the report that has a pie chart, I can view it from within Rdi (Eclipse). Once I publish to System i, the report does not work.

  • Thanks for the answers. Do you have the ability to open a ticket with OpenText support? It would help to be able to do a WebEx and go through your setup.

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • Hi,

    I am an independent programmer and have not contracted with Opentext. Are you saying that you are familiar with BIRT and would be able to solve the chart question? Does OpenText support BIRT?

    I use BIRT at client sites, so I would have to get permission to let you look at their data and set-up.


  • Hi Mindaugas,

    OpenText support monitors these forums when time permits. This forum gets questions about the Open Source and the commercial products.

    This might be helpful:

    Jeff F.
    Customer Support Engineer I
  • Jeff,

    I did not do any of the things that the wiki mentioned, However, it is very helpful to get in contact with people that are involved in BIRT.
    When I get a chance I will start to carefully go through the ideas. Currently, I am leaning to exploring whether this is a version problem.


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