How to: Keep Headers Visible When Scrolling?



I have developed report & integrated it in jsp. I want to fix header of report table when user scroll to down like excel sheet. Means header should always visible to user only table data will scroll. Is there any standard way to do this in birt? I am using BIRT 3.7. Please share necessary info to do this.





  • I too have the same requirement.. I want to freeze the header when user scrolls vertically..

    Can anybody help me regarding this?


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  • Hi,


    you can use a scrollable grid


    1) create a grid with 2 rows and 1 column

    2) place a table inside the first cell

    3) copy the same table in the second cell 

    4) on the first table (first cell) just keep the header of the table

    5) on the second table (second cell) just keep the detail row

    6) on the second table, set the page break to 0 (= no page break)

    7) on the second cell (from the grid) goto to Property > advanced > Overflow > scroll


    And that's it


    here an example


    Guillaume L.
    Solution Consultant
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  • Thanks GLO_FR, this is a good solution. I have this working but ran into a problem.


    When the table detail section expands wider than the page it creates a horizontal scroll. When users scrolls the data moves but the column headings do not. Column headers no longer relate to data underneath them.


    I can add a scroll to the header section but then have two scrolls - not practical or visually appealing. 


    Any idea how to overcome this issue?




  • GLO_FR it's not working,my version of eclipse is Version: Mars (4.5),please give me solution.
  • Attachment is the sample Report Design in which Header Locking is Fixed forExcel

  • Hi Ankur,

    Please let me know the changes you have done to freeze the header.

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