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I am trying to hide a table row based on the condition of a data set row that is returned. For example, if the data set row value is in (X, Y, Z) then it should not hide the row. How would I go about building an expression for this desired outcome?


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    Select the detail row, under Properties Editor, properties, select visibility, click hide element.

    for the expression something along this; row["assetnum"]=='100098' ||row["assetnum"]=='100099'||row["assetnum"]=='100164'


    or maybe

    BirtComp.anyOf(row["assetnum"],'100098' ,'100099','100164');


    for a couple examples.



    BirtComp.anyOf(row["assetnum"],'100098' ,'100099','100164');




    I used this method and with a bit of tweaking I believe I found my solution. I appreciate your help!

  • how to hide single column based on multiple conditions like mentioned above ?

  • Write code to check the conditions and determine if the column should be hidden. I can't provide information on the conditions since you didn't give any details. Create a hidden report parameter. Set the type to Boolean and the default value to false. In code, set the parameter value to true if the conditions determine the column should be hidden. This must be done prior to the table being rendered. Select the column and go to its Visibility property. There is an Expression Builder on the Visibility editor. Open it and add the report parameter to the expression. It will act as the full visibility expression. Save the changes.

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  • Hi

    I want table in report should look like below

    Want to hide the highlighted data.

  • I have applied logic for UniqueID and name column - i have used suppress duplicate property to hide the data but for business area i can't used the same.

    Could you please me on this ?

  • Why can't you suppress duplicates for Business Area? Is it because the second 123 would be hidden? If so, how do you determine when a Business Area value is hidden?

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