Embedding BIRT report in jsp



We are using Open Source BIRT 4.2.2.


We have an application running on JBOSS.


Is it possible to embed the BIRT reports into a jsp page?


I've seen this being done using a viewer tag library, but I can't seem to find this when searching online to download. Is this still available to download and if not then how could we embed the BIRT report onto a jsp page.


We would like to have the whole BIRT viewer being embedded.


Here is where I saw the viewer tag library being mentioned and it seems to be exactly what we would need.



Currently we are deploying BIRT as a separate app from our main application and when needing to access a BIRT report we are passing a url to open the report. Which this opens in a new IE window. We want to be able to have the report display on the window in the main application.


Thanks for any help!


  • Take a look at this documentation in integrating BIRT into JSP: http://developer.actuate.com/deployment-center/integrating-birt-into-applications/birt-with-jsp/


    The tag library can be found with the Sample Viewer. The Sample Viewer is bundled with the BIRT runtime download.



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  • Thanks,


    Also is there a way to combine the BIRT war into our applications war?


    So that we don't have to have a separate war for BIRT?


    This way we would only have one war (BIRT and our application) and we would be able to generate BIRT reports in our application with the BIRT viewer.

  • I believe you should be able to use the expanded version of the BIRT viewer included with the BIRT runtime download by merging the BIRT Viewer Example into your application.


    Then you should be able to build your applications war with the viewer included.



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  • Sounds good, we will try that and see if it works. It might be a little while before we get around to doing it so if you find any more information on it just let me know.


    Also we are currently using BIRT 4.2.2 and we are thinking of upgrading that to a newer version while we are making all these changes. Is there a change doc on what was changed with each new version? Since I see that BIRT 4.5 is the newest version which I'm assuming would be the best one to update to.


    Random question which is sorta BIRT related. I see in the tag library that the BIRT viewer can be put inside of an IFrame. Is it possible to put the viewer into a Dojo JS ContentPane object on a page? I'd assume this would use the href but I've not used any Dojo before. Just wondering if you'd have any knowledge on if that would work.


    Thanks for all the help!

  • You will need to look at the release notes for the versions between 4.2.2 and 4.5.0 for full details on changes. As far as I know there are not any major feature changes, mostly just bug fixes.


    For reference, here are the release details for 4.5: https://projects.eclipse.org/projects/birt/releases/4.5.0


    Regarding your Dojo question, I believe it should be possible. However, I have not worked with Dojo before so I do not have any specifics without doing some research and testing.



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  • So I've tried to merge the BIRT Viewer Example with our web app doing something like http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/ba-birt-viewer-java-webapps/index.html#download


    This is without Maven so I skipped those few steps.


    We are using Tomcat, Google Chrome, and BIRT 4.2.2.


    Doing it like it's listed in the IBM page using the 4.2.2 runtime download I can get it to attempt to load a report. But it gives me something like the attached image.


    In our logs we are getting messages like the below for all the files in the birt-runtime-4_2_2\WebViewerExample\webcontent folder

    No mapping found for HTTP request with URI


    We also aren't using an web.xml file for our app so I just put the web.xml file from the BIRT runtime.


    Any ideas on to why it's not working correctly? It looks like it can't find all the files that it needs but I've done it just like they did in the link.

  • Can you provide the full error messages you are getting?

    Can you provide a screenshot that displays the folder hierarchy of your web application after adding the web viewer files?



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  • I've attached the error messages in a text file and the folder hierarchy in an image.


    Note: that I had to rename some things. I changed our software name to software.

  • I'm thinking that this has something to do with us using Spring. I don't know much about Spring so there is probably some extra steps that I must do because of that.

  • edited November 23, 2015

    Alright, I got the file path issue fixed. Now it loads most the page and the parameter window pops up but the report doesn't load.


    The url that I'm using to test with is




    Update 11/23

    I figured out that this is related to our X-Frame-Options setting so I've created a new topic for that:


  • Where dit this topic go to what you refer please?

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