Any possibility of using highchart driven charts with BIRT?



I was trying to integrate highchart.js with BIRT so that i can replace conventional charts that BIRT has.

Is there any possibility in doing so?


  • Have a look at this thread:



    Clement gives a few examples of how this is done. 

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    Commercial BIRT integrates HighCharts into the Chart Report Item.   For the Chart Output Format, in the open source drop down option, you'll see SVG, PNG, or JPG and with commercial BIRT, there is an additional HTML 5 option (which is HighCharts).  The standard Edit Chart dialog options in the Designer UI has been mapped to HighCharts' options and methods, as well as the data binding is available.


    The commercial Designer (was called BIRT Designer Professional, now OpenText Analytics Designer) is free!


    In open source BIRT, to include 3rd party visualizations, you'll need to either update the viewer's common files to load the HighCharts' JavaScript library, or add it into load via head.js per report.  Then you'll need to use a Text Report Item (HTML format) to display the HighCharts.   It's unlike commercial BIRT where it is part of the Chart Report Item, and where in commercial BIRT, you'll be able to export the HTML5 chart out to PDF/Excel/DOC/PPT.


    In addition to the thread that Ralph referenced, you might want to check out this thread where a 3rd JavaScript visualization such as Google Maps can be used in BIRT (

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  • Thanks a lot Clement & rgleason.

    Now I am able to get the output when I am running this within a project. That too only in html. I am unable to get the same in pdf/excel.


    Also within Eclipse IDE I am unable to render it standalone in html as well.

  • Please find the report file I am referring to.


     As I said, I need to print this chart created by highcharts in pdf/excel with other BIRT components like grids and tables (having additional data)


    When I am just creating a report Project and running this report in that project. I am getting blank report.



  • If all possible, please use commercial BIRT.  It has HighCharts built-in and includes the export to PDF/Excel/etc... 


    Otherwise, you'll need to DYI.  And this only works in the web viewer using head.js to load jQuery and the HighCharts, or you can modify the out of the box OS BIRT Viewer and load these instead of within a single report.


    The attached design is based on your sample, but slightly modified to use head.js to load the scripts and a callback function to render the HighCharts.  It is only for the web view.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to assist you in the Phantom.JS export integration.


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  • Thanks Clement. I am using BIRT 3.7.2 and I can't use head.js directly there. However I have used found a way to make include javascripts using call back function here also.

    Only problem I am facing is now I am unable to export the same in pdf/excel.


    I can't use professional version as well as its a existing setup and we are creating almost 10,000 reports for the stakeholders daily.


    I was just wondering if I can create the xml and generate report using datasource as webservice. Not so sure.


    Anyways Thanks for your help.




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