Using JQuery to toggle between two report variables

I am trying to toggle between two report variables. The variables are basically two data rows; one will be a substr containing the first 15 to 20 characters, and the word "...more" will be appended, the other will be the data row with no character limit restrictions and the word "...less" will be appended. 


The idea is to have a table of Commentary where the user decides when they want to see more or less commentary. Initially when the report opens, it will be single row height rows of data. In many cases, but not all cases, the row will contain things like date, department, call type, etc... with one column containing "comments" it is here where the substr of the commentary row will be limited. Clicking on the Commentary with the word ...more appended will toggle the cell open, making the row high enough to show all the text.


Any Ideas out there, as to how I might achieve this?   I was able to do it in earlier versions of BIRT, using vars and hyperlink buttons... but somehow that no longer is working.


Thanks for your thoughts.


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