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Sorry if it was already asked but my searchs doesn't bring back any thread that answer to my questions.


I would like to generate some reports with parameters using Birt on a Swing java application deployed with Java Web Start.

The problems are:

- I can't (and would'nt) install the Birt engine on each computer

- I can't use any server (birt viewer or other).

- My users doesn't have Birt installed on their computer.


Is it possible to configure my application to use the birt engine which will be deployed using JWS or more clearly, is it possible to embed Birt Engine in a completely standalone swing java application and make this application generate reports in Excel and PDF ?


Once generated the user can open itself the report using Excel or Acrobat reader, so I don't need a viewer, just the engine to generate reports.


Is there a simple java project (example) to show which JAR file should I need to run from JWS and how to configure my project to use the embeded Runtime Engine ?


I don't find any information or tutorial about making this kind of configuration.




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    Unfortunately, no !

    This is approximately the same example I find everywhere in which I should define the path where Birt was installed, but in my case I would not like to install BIRT, I would like to embed it inside my Swing application.


    May be should I ask:

    Which library from ReportEngine should I put in a java swing project to ONLY generate report (not to view it) and WITHOUT installing Birt or BirtEngine, and WITHOUT using Birt in a WebServer (Tomcat).


    I would like my application totaly independant from any Birt installation or any Birt Server so I will include all libs from Birt which are needed in my project but only what I need to keep the project a small as possible.

    Is it impossible to do it ?

    Should I absolutely install Birt on each computer or use a webServer ?


    For the moment I only need to generate Excel (xls, xlsx), Calc (ods) and PDF files.


    Thank's a lot for your answers.


  • No more answer at all ? Is my whish impossible ?

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    fonzy44, this is a really cool concept.  I'm working on an example for you right now.  I should be able to link you to some source tonight once I've finished and tested the application.

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    Hi there,

    We try to run in Tomcat your example DevShare where it works fine we are able to see the images chart, but we ran in any browser we got an error where did not allow us to see the chart.

    We try many things to modify in xml file but it did not work

    we are using BIRT 4.5 Tomcat 8. JFS 2.2

    any advise what is causing the issue

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