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Make a new line from Concat aggregation?

I am trying to create a new line for each " / " I encounter in an aggregated text string. Basically I have a computed column which puts:


Col Label 1      |         Col Label 2                   |    Col Label 3 

John                |    1PM - 4PM/8PM - 12AM    |     someStuff

Alex                 |     9AM - 5PM/                       |     otherStuff

Mary                |    10AM - 4PM/7PM - 9PM    |     herStuff




I want it to  look like:

Col Label 1      |         Col Label 2                   |    Col Label 3 

John                |    1PM - 4PM                         |     someStuff

                             8PM - 12AM    

Alex                 |     9AM - 5PM                        |     otherStuff

Mary                |    10AM - 4PM                       |     herStuff


                               7PM - 9PM    


I have tried adding <br>, /n, cr, \r\n.... etc... nothing seems to help... my concat is always a concat. 


Any ideas?   


  • Hi,


    You should be able to create a computed column like this one:

    row["CUSTOMERNAME"] + "\n" + row["CITY"] + "\n" + row["COUNTRY"]

    and use it in a data item to display data on multiple rows:


    Pierre Richer

    Solutions Consultant, Analytics & Reporting



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