Set of metadata properties (creator) of PDF report



I have problem with metadata of created PDF.


In properties of this PDF file are metadata like Title, Author, .. these properties I can change.

  1. via report itself, or
  2. by code:

/* ('design' is instance of */
design.getDesignHandle().setProperty("title", "myTitle");
design.getDesignHandle().setProperty("author", "myAuthor");

Problematic part "Creator":

But in case of metadata "Creator", this property is providing information which can break security (showing absolute path of BIRT runtime jar).


How can I avoid showing the path?

I would like to define something just like "BIRT".

Is there any way how can i change this "Creator" property (for example how it is described in mine 2nd option)?

I went through BIRT code and I think its somehow hardcoded and not configurable, but maybe im wrong.




  • When the PDF is generated the Creator is set to text, BIRT Report Engine <version>.

    Where version is replaced by the version of BIRT or when using the BIRT runtime jar it is the location of the jar file.

    Even though there is a property to indicate the creator, it does not have any effect as it does not seem to be considered for PDF output.

    design.getDesignHandle().setProperty("createdBy", "Acme Inc.");

    A possible solution would be to change(or erase) the Creator value after BIRT is done generating the PDF using a library like iText.

    Changing Metadata -

  • Hi Zorawar,


    Thank you very much for your suggestions!


    I would like to not use third party code, yes still solution (but i dont like it for now :) ).

    So i have to write mine pdf emitter just for this one line of code, which puts there jar location.

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