BIRT_ROOT div tag ID - how to change it

I have developed a number of reports that are to be displayed on a JSP using JQuery for a tabbed page for multiple reports.  When I pull one report into the page, everything works fine because there is just one report with a tag ID of "__BIRT_ROOT".  However, when I open 2 or more reports, it corrupts them all because there is now multiple div tags on the page with an ID of "__BIRT_ROOT".  Is there a way to change this root div ID?




  • Although I still believe that having 2 div tag IDs with the same name is bad practice, and BIRT should fix this, the IDs were not the issue.  When pulling in multiple reports onto a page, each report brings it's own styles with it, and they are named the same.  For example, style_0, style_1, style_2...etc.  The styles were conflicting with each other.  In our service code, this is in the Spring Framework, we have a BIRT class called HTMLRenderOption, and within this class is a setting called setHTMLIDNamespace().  We used our report name to set this option, ie setHTMLIDNamespace(reportNameSpace).  This allowed each style to be prefixed with the name of the report, making it unique. I hope this helps someone who might see this in the future.

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