Use built-in functions to make data "Report Ready".

SailRCGSailRCG Junior Member
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I recently had a case where I had to show 'weighted values' for various data measures. The issue was that the values were given as a continuous comma separated string of values and were not row-matched to the data measures.

In other words, the data given was not report ready, and the way it was being delivered was not about to change anytime soon.

The good news was that preceding each percentage of weighted value, was the data measure name. Using built-in functions, I was able to pull out the percentage value into a computed column. Using BIRT String functions and native Javascript functions, getting the parts of the string I needed and match them to data measures was easy.

Have a look at the report example, to find the computed column with the example expression to do this. Additionally, I wanted to use a part of the computed column for a formula in one of the table columns. Again, using a Birt String function I was able to use a part of the string in my formula.

**It is usually better to do as much as is possible from a data perspective, within the database and database server**
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