D3 Calendar View in a BIRT report

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In BIRT versions prior to 4.3, a dynamic Javascript loader (http://developer.actuate.com/community/devshare/_/designing-birt-reports/1576-dynamic-javascript-loader) needed to be used to load external Javascript files.

BIRT 4.3 and iHub3 introduced the use of head.js to allow for easy inclusion of JavaScript libraries.

This example demonstrates the ability to visual a D3 Calendar View (based on the http://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4063318 example) in a BIRT report, using Classic Cars as a sample data source.

The total orders amount were summed for each day of the year. Quantiles from $0 to $50,000 were used to segment the total order amounts. When hovering over dates with values, the formatted amounts are displayed in the tool tip for the associated date.


1. For this sample only, internet connection is required to load the JavaScript and CSS files. Files can be moved to a local app/web server, and referenced in head.js accordingly.

2. Configure Eclipse to use an external browser instead of the internal browser to view contents.

3. The report design contains a table with Display: No Display that populates the client side values for the dates and values.

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