Multiple levels of X-Axis to show groups. This example shows two X-Axis (country and its states).

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Ever wanted to have multiple level of groups in the X-Axis? Want to duplicate the behavior in Excel?

The sample using commercial BIRT (iHub 3.1) shows two x-axis or grouped x-axis labels using HTML5 charts.

1. Changed the Category X Axis to: row["COUNTRY"] +":"+ row["STATE"]

We will later parse out the two levels using JavaScript's split function.

2. Modified beforeDrawAxis event to change height of chart to make room for 2nd x-axis. Parsed out the subgroup (in example it is STATE) and change the labels.

3. Added a script in the Chart Area > Load event to build out the new parent group for the 2nd x-axis, built out the tick marks to separate the parent group, added the 2nd x-axis and then formated the labels by centering them.

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