Example how to dynamically add filters to tables and crosstabs in script.

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Example how to dynamically add filters to tables and crosstabs. The code is in the beforeFactory. There are 2 examples:
  1. Add Filters to Tables and Crosstabs.rptdesign is designed in OS BIRT 4.5. It uses the Classic Models database as the data source. In general it is better to add the filters to the data set so the filtering is done on the data source. Sometimes this is not possible (flat files, complex logic).
  2. Classic Models XTab Filter by Script.rptdesign is designed in Actuate BIRT 3.1.1. It uses a Data Model (that uses Classic Models). This technique is used for optimization when parameters are not required and the filters do not already exist in the bindings. In general the more bindings, the more expensive the query to the data object. So if parameters are optional you only want to add the filters (which will in turn add bindings) when they are needed.
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