Demostrates infographic capabilities in Open Source BIRT

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Attached is an example, created in OS BIRT 4.6.0, that showcases the capabilities of BIRT in a non-traditional report, an infographic visual.

The report design is self contained for ease of demo purposes. It uses the sample Classic Models database, and has the images embedded in the report.

Here are some notes about the techniques used:

-- Grids were used to align report items such as images, text and data items. Image elements were split in two, into a top and bottom segments, in a photo editing program.

-- The first chart utilizes a technique to illustrate the use of DIV tags to display the bar chart.

-- The second chart is a Open Source BIRT chart with its beforeGeneration event modified similar to this DevShare:

Commercial BIRT provides even more features not available in Open Source BIRT such HTML5 Charts and Maps, and Custom Visualizations that can include other JavaScript Visualization packages such as D3.js or Google Maps. See this DevShare for commercial BIRT Infographic (aka InfographiX) examples:

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