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I am new to BIRT. Can someone please help me if there any easy solution to the following;


In BIRT Viewer, when I click the Run report button, I am shown a parameter dialog even if I dont have any parameters for the report. Is there anyway, I can eliminate this dialog if I dont have parameters?


Thanks in advance.




  • [font="'helvetica neue', serif;"][color=rgb(34,34,34);]If there is no parameter in the report, it is difficult to imagine how you could be getting parameter dialog.  Can include a screen shot, or recreate using the demo data? [/color][/font]

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  • I have the same problem, see attachment. Is there any new information on this issue?


    Using Birt 3.7.2

  • Same here.  I have two parameters.  Neither are required.  Both have defaults.  Both are hidden.  When initially run, the window doesn't appear.  When fired by the "Run Report" icon, the parameterless window as posted by BFC on 11/06/2013 appears. 

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    I'm moving this topic to the Designing BIRT Reports Forums

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