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I'm having a real problem with outputs. It would be nice if there was an output format (Excel, PDF, HTML, etc.) that looked EXACTLY like the previewer, but there isn't. Half the output formats don't work at all, and those that do work look absolutely horrible (grid lines missing, table misaligned, etc.).


I want to focus on one output type only for now. What would you recommend I focus on? And what can I do to minimize the differences between what the report looks like in the previewer and what it looks like in this format?




  • [font="'helvetica neue', serif;"][color=rgb(34,34,34);]My test environment has the same apache tomcat as my production environment.  When building, modifying and testing I always preview format changes in the deliver format.  I usually test code and minor changes in the HTML, as it loads quicker.[/color][/font]


    [font="'helvetica neue', serif;"][color=rgb(34,34,34);]I almost never use the previewer.  One additional benefit is that you can have the web page after your last test run, sitting there on one side while you are making changes to the design in BIRT.[/color][/font]

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  • Jenkinsj5,


    Sorry for the late reply. I gave up on this thread a little too soon. Your feedback is helpful.

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