Master Page footer does not appear on pdf

Is there something that I am missing when I add a grid to the master page footer, I don't see the contents of it display when the report is exported to pdf or viewed on the web browser. But when exported to Word (doc) I see the footer on every page.
Could anyone please let me know how I can implement this? I want a footer (which has to have its contents in a grid as there are three items in the footer to display) to appear on every page when report is exported to pdf.


  • Can you clarify: What is in the footer?


    It is often the case a font is used, that is not avaialble to the PDF.


    Other than this have nothing to offer.

    Silence Bestows Consent
  • Hi


    The footer is a grid of two rows and one column. The first row consists of an image and Date (displayed on the same line which I implement by having a grid of two columns and one row) and the second row is a label consisting of copy right textual content. 


    This displays on every other export except pdf. It is quite urgent so could you please let me know how I can do this.


    Thank you!

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