Problem with <[email protected]>

 I am running BIRT 4.2.1 using a SQL 2008 R2 data base.


I have some values in a text field that are in this format


  Text words text words <[email protected]> more words more words


It looks fine when I preview in the SQL data in the Data set preview.  But when it gets to the table on the report the 'text words' & 'more words' are there but <[email protected]> is not displayed.  This true in the preview in BIRT, and up through display as a web page (via apache). 


When you export to Excel (xls) it gets more complicated as excel thinks that what the now hidden value of <[email protected]> is a command to put the rest of the text field in a new row, with 'more words' correctly aligned in the cell bellow, all other cells are empty on the new row, and borders correctly defined around the now double cells for each value on the table.

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