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Multi tab Excel reports using Birt Designer

Is there a way to get multitab Excel Reports in Birt ???


My Req:



 A   B    C  D

---  ---  --- ---


Table 2:

E     F  G 

---  ---  --- 


I want multitabs for B column data and columns A,C,D,E,F,G should group according to pramater B is it possible??Any help appreciated.


  • You need to provide Pagebreak at grouping and while downloading excel output make sure you check these options .. Export Content -> Page Settings -> Output to Multiple Sheets = True. 

  • Create group for B.


    In group details, select below settings for PageBreak section


    Before - Auto

    After - Always Excluding Last

    Inside - Avoid

  • Hi  priya,


    Thanks for the reply it worked...


    And one more scenario, suppose i have two tables in a report and i want to generate multitabs based on a column .. but when i generate the report first sheet i will have the two tables data.. but in the second tab i ll get only the table which group has been applied. any suggestions for this if i want to get both tables data in each tab..Thankyou

  • Hi,

    I m facing issues with Multi tab nested report. so many duplicated in the report and Ang getting only one row in 1st table



    I want to show case in the report as ...




    Start,End,Name,Duration   for each Name ...Attaching the rpt design. Any help plss






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