Updated Error 18004 : Can't Get Report Parameter .Cause missing before function parameters.(Cale

  1. Hi, I'm new for Actuate open text Birt Designer Professional actually I have old version of BIRT 4.4 version which is working in eclipse without configured in Actuate open text designer environment while I import same project in Actuate open text Birt designer project than   chart out format changed as from SVG to HTML5 but i can't able to rendered output then console i can see error like 18004:can't get report parameter .Cause missing before function parameters.(Calendar.js#596) but Calendar.js file working in eclipse birt report engine not in Actuate Open Text environment.


  • Please look at my attached file below might be better understand.


  • Your chart has an error. rectify if first. if you look at the top, it says "oddUser" not defined

  • I resolved above issues "odaUser" seems also same I can't see please let me know   I don't have any clue what should I do even I can't see console error.



  • Hi Lixian123,


    I don't understand exactly what you want to do.

    Are you trying to run an actuate BIRT rptdesign with the Eclipse BIRT engine ?

    Guillaume L.
    Solution Consultant
    OpenText Reporting & Analytics
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    • Hi Guillaume , Yes absolutely right but I can see result on cross tables , tables but i can't see result as output formatted HTML5 formatted chart result after changed from PNG/SVG to HTML5.
    • I didn't see any issues on console too.
    • Should I need to configure for Chart report ?sorry I'm newbie for actuate birt report design . 

    please look below attached file is there need to configure ? I can't find JS file inside my plugin package .

  • Hi,


    the fact that HTML5 doesn't work is because the Eclipse BIRT engine does not have this function. HTML5 charts are only available with the commercial BIRT (old Actuate BIRT iHub, now OpenText Information Hub Designer).


    Concerning your error, can you upload your design with sample data so that I can have a look on it

    Guillaume L.
    Solution Consultant
    OpenText Reporting & Analytics
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