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Dashboard - get rid of print button




when running a dashboard there is a line at the top with tab name and print button

on the right. Can I get rid of the tab name and print button? I have only one tab in my

dashboards so I don't need it.


I'm using the OpenText Analytics Designer, Version: 4.6.0


Thank you in advance,



  • Hi Lucy,


    AFAIK, it is not possible with the OOTB dashboard viewer.

    You will need to embed your dashboard in a web page with the JSAPI and then it will be possible to change the default layout

    Guillaume L.
    Solution Consultant
    OpenText Reporting & Analytics
  • Hi,


    ok, thanks for help and have a nice day!



  • It's been a while but I think we did this (sort of) by replacing the icon with a white 1-pixel image ... that was good enough for us. 



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