BIRT report PDF format doesn't show full information while report have many columns


    I'm using BIRT verison 4_5_0. If I generate report with many columns then in the exported PDF format doesn't show full header and full data information. It's get shrinked to fit size even if the report have any number of columns. The PDF should show full header and full data information without considering number of columns in report. How do I fix this issue? Thanks in Advance.


  • Hi Prakash,


    what orientation and type value set in the MasterPage currently?







  • Hi Prakash,


    I hope you have choosen custom master page size. If not go to MasterPage tab and adjust the width as per you requirement. If you have already done it check the Table size. I am thinking you have given that a fixed width. So even though you are adding the column your table width is same. Try to increase table width.




  • Hi Avishak and Shasha,
    I'm using below configuration but still getting column shrink in PDF.

    ReportDesignHandle designHandle = session.createDesign();
  • Do you have a set width requirement, or can it be as wide as necessary to fit all the columns? If the former, I don't believe there's much that can be done other than reducing number of columns. You could try turning on word wrap, but that only works so well until you get extremely narrow columns.

    If you can adjust your PDF width as desired, increase the total width in your master page as Sasha suggested.

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