Different background Images @MasterPage

Hi All,


I have a 6 pages in a report design all of them have a single master page.

Now, I want to show 6 different background images for each of the page using the same master page as my master page has header and footer also and If I add image on pages itself in some report Item I can see blank spaces at top and bottom.


Any idea How I can change report master page image at runtime?


I have the following code but it is changing the image for all the pages.


//Getting the Portfolio Grid and adding that to report layout

SectionDescriptionPortfolio = libhandle.findElement("SectionDescPortfolio");



SectionDescriptionPortfolioLayout = elementFactory.newElementFrom(SectionDescriptionPortfolio, "SectionDescriptionPortfolio");




//Getting the RiskReturn Grid and adding that to report layout

SectionDescriptionRiskReturn = libhandle.findElement("SectionDescRiskReturn");



SectionDescriptionRiskReturnLayout = elementFactory.newElementFrom(SectionDescriptionRiskReturn, "SectionDescriptionRiskReturn");




Ideally it should add 2 different images but I can see only the last image. ie. RiskReturn Image.


help will be much appreciated.




  • Is it 6 different report items (grids, tables,...)? Then you can have 6 master pages and change the master page for each table? I do not think it is possible to change the image of the master page per page as it's events are only called once.

  • Hi,


    Yes I have 6 different Tables. Using 6 different master page is working. Only thing is I wanted to check if it can be done only with a single master page as design for all master pages are same and its just background image that is changing.


    Thanks for the clarification. I will go ahead and use 6 different master pages. Please let me know if there is any other way for handling this.




  • I was just wondering if I can copy this masterpage and then change the image dynamically at runtime? is that possible?


    I am able to do it for varios elements but not for master page.



    SectionDescriptionRiskReturnLayout = elementFactory.newElementFrom(SectionDescriptionRiskReturn, "SectionDescriptionRiskReturn");


    Is that possible?

  • I do not think so as the master page events only get called once, not for each page.

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