Render pdf with toolbar and navigation buttons already hidden

Hi - I am generating two BIRT (4.3.2) reports in pdf format.


I would like them both to render (I am using IE) in the browser with the toolbar and navigation panels not showing (turned off).


The confusing thing is, one renders with them turned off (which is what I want) and the other renders with them turned on.


I am using the same code and the reports follow the same path through the code.


I can right click and 'Hide Navigation Pane Buttons' and 'Hide Toolbars', but I don't want the users to have to do this every time they render the report.  Especially since the other one renders with them closed already.


I do not understand why this is happening.


I would appreciate any ideas.


Thank you


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    For the report that shows the toolbar and navigation, it will most probably have some ToC (Table of Contents) entries.

    Check the report items that add ToC entries by default like groups in tables.

    Open the design file and look at the XML Source view and search for,

    structure name="toc"

    That will quickly give you all the report items that have ToC entries and then they can be removed by switching back to Layout view.

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